I Look Like Patrick Stewart. How Grand.

As Logged By:

Agent Chase

Oh, how grand.  I look like an old man.

Is it the cheek bones?  The jaw line?

The smile or the nose?  It can't be my tan.

Tell me now or I'll threaten to cry and whine!


It must be the eyes and the chin.

There is no use fighting it.

My newborn face has done me in.

Oh well, into the captain's chair I will diabolically sit.

"What started it all?"  You ask.  What turned me from cutely innocent to diabolical and maniacal?  What started me on this quest to drive my parents mad?  Well, you're looking at it ladies and gents.  My parents couldn't get enough of that oh so famous Star Trek.  So, guess what they did the moment I was born!  They compared me to their favorite captain:  Jean-Luc Picard.

"Oh, look at her eyes!"

"No, look at her chin!'

"Can't you see, it's in her expression!"

"It's Patrick Stewart.  Yes, it is!"

Oh, how grand.  At just a few hours old, I apparently look like an old man.  He's about to turn eighty, the last I checked.  How, then, do I look like him?

Where's the comparisons to grandparents and siblings?  Where's the competition to see if I look like Mommy or Daddy the most?  Just look at me!  I beg you!  See something that relates you to me and me to you.

"Guess what I bought her!"  Those are the dreaded words that woke me the next morning.  Day two of my newborn life.  Can you guess what they bought me?  Can you guess what I had to wear?  If you answered a Star Trek uniform, you are correct.  Congratulations.  I hope you enjoy your laugh at this baby's expense.  My parents certainly did.

Good job, Mommy.  Good job, Daddy.  You turned your infant into the Captain of the Enterprise.  Next Generation uniform, of course.

So began my quest for diabolicalness.  So began my search for the perfect Diabolical Baby Brigade.  Beam me up, Agent West.  Ahead warp factor one, Agent Rose.  We have some parents to attend to.

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