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A diabolical fall off the bed

 As Logged By: Agent West Sliding off the bed Will give Mommy quite a scare I’ll aim with my head And scream like a bear It hurts to go down headfirst Especially when I land This bump is the worst It’s the size of my hand     Sitting on Mommy’s bed is plain, old boring. There’s nothing to do, but blow spit bubbles and wait for her to finish folding the clothes.   And this abominable dude is tired of blowing spit bubbles.   I stare at Mommy folding the clothes, a diabolical plan hatching in my head. Hmm… My head… Now that is a brilliant idea. I should use my head to get Mommy’s hairs to stand on end. Oh, that would give her a scare like no other. I keep an eye on her as I sneak over to the side of the bed. I take a look over the edge. Whew. That’s a long way down. But, wait! There are pillows on the floor by the corner of the bed. Surely, it won’t hurt to fall headfirst onto those. What if Mommy doesn’t notice? Aha! I kn