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Feeding Mommy diabolically

 As Logged By: Agent Rose   Mommy's wearing her snack And looking pretty funny. I wonder if she'd want them back After I feed her like a bunny.   Perhaps I will take one bite. They can't be all that bad. I'll chew with all my might, But their flavor is just sad.     Has Mommy fallen ill? Is she trying on a new mask? What are those green things covering her eyes? I shuffle over for a closer look. Those green and shiny disks look quite ridiculous. And they smell watery, too. Wait… Is this some sort of trick? Has Mommy devised a plan to capture this diabolical sweetie? Is she planning on taking me to the doctor for a checkup? Or back to Auntie P’s? There’s only one way to find out. Keeping as quietly as I can, I crawl my way closer to where Mommy is lying on the floor. I peek to the left, I peek to the right. All is apparently clear. I raise my arm and lean a little closer and… WHACK!!! “Rosie!” Mommy yelps, both