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A diabolical mind

 As Logged By: Agent Chase Agent Chase's Mom Agent Chase has fallen ill. A snafu with a fart gun I presume. Mommy's here to fill the bill Until she's well and ready to zoom. She got her diabolical mind from me. If only she knew what was in store. For now, let her laugh with glee. Soon her dreams will be anything but a bore. Of course, I knew my little Chase wanted some sanity cookies.  How could I not?  She gets her diabolical mastermind side from me.  That means I know what she's up to at all times. I know about the stink bombs, I'm prepared for her attempts at getting me under her spell, but I let her think she's got me fooled.  That her tricks are anything but a treat. Plus, they were chocolate.  Who wouldn't want chocolate cookies?  Honestly. But, you see, there is more to inheriting a diabolical mind than simple, devious plans.  A fact I have yet to share with my little Chase.  When my diabolical mind was passed down to her, that meant she was going to