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It was Mommy

 As Logged By: Agent West Daddy thinks I tooted And usually he'd be right. But this baby's butt has disputed Such a stinky fright. Does Mommy think she'll win At turning the blame onto me? Watch this diabolical dude pin Her in the act.  Hehe! "Yuck, West.  That toot stinks beyond belief.  Even for you!" "What do you have to say for yourself, little man?" I'd say that your cheeks are burning awfully red, Mommy.  Red with complete and utter guilt! How dare Daddy assume I produced that toot!?  Yes, it is a mighty stinker.  Well done, Mommy.  But it was as silent as could be!  Does Daddy really think I would dare produce a stink without a trumpet's blast to announce my victory? Eww! Here comes another one.  Straight from Mommy's patootie. "This one stinks even worse!  That's it."  Daddy waves his hand frantically in front of his nose, completely oblivious of Mommy's reddening cheeks.  "You make a stink like that again and i