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Diabolically sneaking chocolate

 As Logged By: Agent Chase Mommy was sure that there were more Chocolate bars than five… now four! Who took the milk chocolate one? Could it be a little, diabolical someone? Mommy thinks she can catch me But I’m ready for her, she’ll see. Wait, what was that!? She, also, had a trick up her hat?     “Don’t even think about it, Chase,” Mommy says with her warning glare. How can I not think about it? It’s simply impossible! So many chocolate bars sitting side by side on the dinning table. So many to choose from. So much chocolate to consume. So yummy, yummy, yummy! “No, no, no.” Mommy snags me just as I am about to climb up on one of the dining chairs. “These are for the cake I’m making. I need every single one.” Every. Single. One! I set my own glare, one that perfectly mimics dear, old Mommy’s. Who would buy so much delicious chocolate and not get an extra one for an innocent, little baby. Okay, more diabolical than innocent. Still,

Diabolically smashed, loaded, and coated grilled cheese

 As Logged By: Agent West Agent West's Mom I sneaked a bite or a few Of West’s favorite dish: blendered beef stew Now he’s found out And I’m in trouble. No doubt! Time for this mommy to make a dish That is sure to taste absolutely delish. A grilled cheese will calm his fit. Smash it, load it, and coat it.   Smashed, Loaded, and Coated Grilled Cheese A savory plate of gooey satisfaction   Makes 1   Ingredients:    A serving of tomato soup - enough to coat this sucker 1 avocado (2 if you plan to go the southern route and have already gotten out the tortilla chips to snack as you cook) spritz lemon juice - just a few drops pinch salt 1 Tablespoon butter (Possibly more if the bread ends up being extra thirsty – you’ll understand later) 2 slices cheese 1 slice of ham (Ooh, I do like ham.  Get more if you want to snack) A bag of tortilla chips (Totally optional, but who am I kidding? I’m going to be snacking.) Am I forgetting something… I feel like