Diabolically smashed, loaded, and coated grilled cheese

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Agent West

Agent West's Mom

I sneaked a bite or a few

Of West’s favorite dish: blendered beef stew

Now he’s found out

And I’m in trouble. No doubt!

Time for this mommy to make a dish

That is sure to taste absolutely delish.

A grilled cheese will calm his fit.

Smash it, load it, and coat it.


Smashed, Loaded, and Coated Grilled Cheese

A savory plate of gooey satisfaction


Makes 1



A serving of tomato soup - enough to coat this sucker

1 avocado

(2 if you plan to go the southern route and have already gotten out the tortilla chips to snack as

you cook)

spritz lemon juice - just a few drops

pinch salt

1 Tablespoon butter

(Possibly more if the bread ends up being extra thirsty – you’ll understand later)

2 slices cheese

1 slice of ham

(Ooh, I do like ham.  Get more if you want to snack)

A bag of tortilla chips

(Totally optional, but who am I kidding? I’m going to be snacking.)

Am I forgetting something… I feel like I am…

Oh, yeah!

2 slices of bread

(Duh! That’s the whole point of a grilled cheese SANDWICH.)



Warm the tomato soup and set to the side.  Make sure you keep it warm, though.  Nothing is sadder to a grilled cheese than cold tomato soup.

Peel the avocado and remove the seed, then smash that little sucker with every bit of pent up anger just needing to be released.  Baby been throwing toots in your face?  Someone at work turning that frown into a scowl?  Get it all out now.  Make sure to grunt and growl as this will ensure a proper smashing.

Add the lemon juice and salt to the avocado and mix. This will keep the nice green color and bring out the avocado's smooth flavor. 

FLAVOR!!! That’s what this is all about.

Add the butter to a pan on the stove set to medium heat.

While it is melting, let’s load this baby up:

Place 1 slice of bread on the table, plate, counter, or wherever you’re doing this.

Lay a slice of cheese on it followed by the slice of ham.

Mmm... that ham tastes so good.

Spread some or all of the smashed avocado over the ham.

For those brilliant snackers, now is the time to take some tortilla chips and plunge them into the rest of the smashed avocado.  Add some extra oomph to it with chopped bits of ham.  Yum yum!

Back to the sandwich!

Now, finish that awesomely awesome stacking job like a pro with that second slice of cheese delicately laid right on top of it all.

Don’t even think of placing that second slice of bread on top just yet. If you want perfectly toasted, crisped in the way that only can be done when fried perfectly in an even layer of butter, this is what you must do:

Once the butter is melted, take that second slice of bread and rub it around the pan to give it a proper coating of butter on one side. Now, you may lay it on the top of the loaded sandwich. Buttered side facing up.

If that bread soaked up all of that tablespoon of butter, add some more to the pan and wait for it to melt.

While we wait, I’m going to snack. Mmm… I do love chips and dip. Honestly, whoever came up with the idea to smash avocado and dip tortilla chips in it needs a major round of applause.  Bravo!

Oh, snap! I hear Agent West waking up. The grilled cheese!

With melted butter sizzling, set that loaded baby right on in the pan. Let it fry to glorious, buttery, browned crispness.

Carefully, carefully flip it over so that the other, pre-buttered slice of bread can brown as well.

Guess what!  It's done!

Set the smashed and loaded grilled cheese on a plate and give it a minute to allow the cheese to continue melting.

If you’ve decided to be bold, daring, and go the diabolically delicious, never-going-back route, take the warmed tomato soup and pour some of it over top of the sandwich. Coat it completely. Allow the creamy, tomato flavor to soak all the way into the bread’s pores.

Don’t worry about getting messy, flavor is what this smashed, loaded, and coated grilled cheese is all about.

Flavor… Mmm…

That does look really good. Do you think he’ll notice if I take a bite?


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