Diabolically sneaking chocolate

 As Logged By:

Agent Chase

Mommy was sure that there were more

Chocolate bars than five… now four!

Who took the milk chocolate one?

Could it be a little, diabolical someone?

Mommy thinks she can catch me

But I’m ready for her, she’ll see.

Wait, what was that!?

She, also, had a trick up her hat?



“Don’t even think about it, Chase,” Mommy says with her warning glare.

How can I not think about it? It’s simply impossible!

So many chocolate bars sitting side by side on the dinning table. So many to choose from. So much chocolate to consume. So yummy, yummy, yummy!

“No, no, no.” Mommy snags me just as I am about to climb up on one of the dining chairs. “These are for the cake I’m making. I need every single one.”

Every. Single. One!

I set my own glare, one that perfectly mimics dear, old Mommy’s. Who would buy so much delicious chocolate and not get an extra one for an innocent, little baby.

Okay, more diabolical than innocent.

Still, I’m only a baby. I need that chocolate! How to get it, though?


An idea hits when the phone starts to ring. Mommy’s distracted enough. I’ll climb up and sneak one or three.

I tiptoe quietly on hands and knees. The whole time watching that Mommy’s still talking.

I listen intently…

Good! She’s talking to Grandma. That’ll keep her plenty distracted.

I tiptoe some more and finally reach the dinning chair. I sneakily climb up, pausing like a hungry ant when I reach the top. Mommy’s still talking. Whew!

Okay, let’s see.

She has three dark chocolate, three milk, with one white chocolate, and one unsweetened.

Think Agent Chase. Think!

I must plan this out right. I must not make a mistake.

Two of the dark must go. I love dark chocolate. I do, do, do! Under the table I hide them for now.

Is she coming?

Without hesitating, I grab a milk one as well and slide it in with the rest.

“Chase, what are you doing?” Mommy peers at me, then over at the chocolate. “What happened to the dark chocolate bars?”

She lifts me up. She searches and searches, but I give her an innocent face and shrug innocently. Like a little, diabolical babe.

“Where’s the milk chocolate?” She growls. “I know I bought three and, now, there are only two.”

A text from Daddy distracts her again.


I grab another milk chocolate bar. This one smelling so deliciously of chocolate.

“Don’t think I’m not watching you,” she calls over her shoulder. Before she turns her head, I’ve hidden the chocolate bar.

Where? You ask. I’m sitting on it, you silly!

As soon as she turns back to her phone, I get the milk chocolate bar out, I open the wrapping, I take a large, irresistible bite, I…


“Uh huh,” Mommy says from right behind me. “Did I forget to mention that I switched the milk chocolate wrappings with the unsweetened, bakers ones?”

Well done, Mommy. Well done.

Now, give me some chocolate or I might start to cry.

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