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A comfortable nap and a diabolical plan

 As Logged By: Agent Chase A comfortable nap is best on Mommy's lap. I'll be taking a long snooze And dreaming of plans to choose. If cabbage and beans can stink Worse than scrambled eggs after a week What might happen if we Feed it to everyone?  Hehe! Ahhh, this is the life. I get away with diabolically tooting in Mommy’s face, then I get to nap on the best bed in the house. Mommy’s lap. Just place a pillow on her legs and lay me down for some comfy zz’s. Do I care if Mommy is taking advantage of my napping to get work done on the computer? Of course not! Not for now, at least. Besides... I won’t tell Agent Rose. I won’t dare mention it to Agent West. Let them keep plotting and planning their next diabolical deed for the Diabolical Drei. After those diabolically horrific gas pains, I deserve this little break. Mommy may look a little green in the face. She may be staring at her tea and wishing for a drink, but still be too sickened by my od