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The missing sippy cup

 As Logged By: Agent Rose Mommy is searching frantically. Daddy's ready to give up. I can't believe how diabolically It is to hide a sippy cup. Is it on the bike rack Or behind the iced tea? Uh oh, time for a snack. Now, I'm feeling thirsty. Mommy is running all about, looking quite sweaty with her face bright red.  "Where is it!?" I don't know!"  Daddy slumps his shoulders and looks this way and that.  He taps a fallen pillow with his toe.  I guess he thinks that will somehow help? And where am I? Simply sitting in the middle of the living room floor, sniffling and pouting from a lack of a sippy cup.  My favorite sippy cup. Oh, heavens!  Don't worry. I know right where it is. But I had a rough sleep last night and am not feeling up to my normal diabolical delights.  I don't have the energy for tricking Mommy and Daddy into being smacked and Agent West hasn't finished my new fart teddy yet. Who knew that hiding a sippy cup could be just as dia