The missing sippy cup

 As Logged By:

Agent Rose

Mommy is searching frantically.

Daddy's ready to give up.

I can't believe how diabolically

It is to hide a sippy cup.

Is it on the bike rack

Or behind the iced tea?

Uh oh, time for a snack.

Now, I'm feeling thirsty.

Mommy is running all about, looking quite sweaty with her face bright red.  "Where is it!?"

I don't know!"  Daddy slumps his shoulders and looks this way and that.  He taps a fallen pillow with his toe.  I guess he thinks that will somehow help?

And where am I?

Simply sitting in the middle of the living room floor, sniffling and pouting from a lack of a sippy cup.  My favorite sippy cup.

Oh, heavens!  Don't worry.

I know right where it is.

But I had a rough sleep last night and am not feeling up to my normal diabolical delights.  I don't have the energy for tricking Mommy and Daddy into being smacked and Agent West hasn't finished my new fart teddy yet.

Who knew that hiding a sippy cup could be just as diabolical as one of Agent Chase's mastermind plans?

Ooh, time to up the sniffles.

I sniffle.  I snort.  I pout not once but twice.

"Hurry!"  Mommy screams and takes off at a sprint to somewhere.  "She's gonna wail at any second."

"What if we just feed her a snack?"


I am feeling kinda hungry.

Especially for some peanut butter crackers.  But, if you give a baby some peanut butter, she'll want to chase it down with some milk.

"Without her sippy cup!?  She'll refuse to eat a thing!  You'll have to run to the store for another one first."

Ugh.  That'll take too long and my tummy is already rumbling.  

With an "oomph" and a push, I stand right up.  A little wobbly at first, but I stable myself.

While Mommy and Daddy keep running about, I walk my way over to the big vase on the shelf.  It takes some effort to crawl up the chair, but soon enough I'm up there and reaching into the huge ceramic thing.

"Couldn't we try..."

"No, we can't..."

Mommy and Daddy stop when they get into the living room.  Both of them staring at me, sitting in the chair and sipping from my sippy cup with glee.

Daddy's jaw falls open and he looks like he might fall down.  Mommy, though, is standing perfectly up right, twitching and blinking like a bomb about to go off.

I like being a diabolical sweetie.

Upcoming log:  Return of Cousin JimJim


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