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A New Year's poop and toot

 As Logged By: Agent Rose   A poopy potty on new year’s day makes Mommy gasp, then sway. Daddy is quite proud That I made a toot so loud. It may have been the refried beans Or, possibly, the sardines. That’s the way to start the new year With a poop the whole world can hear.     Mommy went all out for her New Year’s party.  Chips and dip, so delicious.  Bbq beef sliders, yum yum.  Sardine toasts, who doesn't love sardines?  Potato skins, so crunchy and fluffy.  And a big, big bowl of refried beans. Oh, the refried beans! I’m just a baby, a diabolical one at that.  I can’t help it when the food tastes that good.  I gobbled and gobbled and gobbled it down. All before bed time. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two… ONE! My eyes pop open just as everyone cheers for a Happy New Year, but I’m not cheering.  I’ve got a number two gurgling in the bottom of my tummy that’ll give every exploding firework a run for their th