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Diabolical balloon pops

 As Logged By: Agent Chase Mommy is looking really tired After so much baking left her wired. She most likely needs to rest, So I’ll put my diabolicalness to the test. Snoring so softly dear, dear Mommy? Pop! Pop! Pop! I attack like a tsunami. Oops, I guess she’s rather shaken. I wonder if she’ll make me some bacon!     Man, those are some deep circles under Mommy’s eyes. How long did she stay awake baking that cake? “I’m laying you down for an early nap, little one,” Mommy mumbles with her own eyes already half closed. She picks me up and looks around the living room. At the streamers and balloons she’s set all around in preparation for her friend’s party. “Whew, I think I’ll take a nap, too.” Sooooooooo, you are wanting to rest. Are you, Mommy? I can’t allow that!!! Yes! This is a perfect chance to up my diabolicalness. I must be stealthy, though, or the plan will never go through. To fool Mommy, I open my mouth with a big,

Too full to be diabolical

 As Logged By: Agent West Smashed, loaded, and coated to please I swallowed every bite of that grilled cheese. Now my tummy is nice and round. Tonight, I’ll be sleeping very sound. What to do until then, though? I should be diabolical. But, no. I’m way too full to do something dastardly. Maybe I’ll do some weeding, quite masterfully. Ahhh, the sweet, sweet bliss of a belly full of yummy grilled cheese. So smashed. So loaded. So coated…. Mmm. I guess I can forgive Mommy for eating the blendered beef stew. It was only the left overs, after all. Ooh, but I’ve fallen behind on being a diabolical dude. I might have done something truly disastrous. I almost did, if Mommy hadn’t jumped into action and made an awesomely delicious ham and avocado grilled cheese. Ahhh, good old Mommy. I should pay her back. What if I did something diabolical for her? I could borrow Agent Rose’s double stink bomb and send Mommy head ov

When Mommy won't stop crying

 As Logged By: Agent Rose I had a diabolical plan completely ready That would have left Mommy very unsteady, But something seems off. And it’s more than her cough. Are those tears running down her face? What should I do, Agent Chase? Mommy keeps crying and crying Rather than toot, I’ll do something more satisfying.     I’ve been a sweetie for far too long. Clogged toilets and throwing food are fun and all, but I need to do something truly diabolical. Or else I might not get to keep my title as an official Diabolical Drei agent. This little cutie has a stink attack ready to explode. I found a way to put two stink bombs in one, with an extra squeaker at the end to give the explosion an extra spicy finale. It’s all ready to go. Once it the timer goes off… kablam! Mommy will be left wibbling and wobbling all over the place. Maybe she’ll even fall on her back! Tiptoe, tiptoe. I’m coming for you, Mommy. Tiptoe, tiptoe. I’ve got som