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Did you seriously just call me fat?

 As Logged By: Agent Rose   Thanksgiving came and went And I loved every bit of it Until Cousin Molly started to vent And made me want to spit. Did I get her in the face  Or spit a loogie on her plate? If only I had my mace, But that will have to wait. Mmm...  Mmm...  Mmm... Turkey, stuffing, and gravy.  Oh, my!  Next I'll have a slice of pie. "Oh, look how cute Rose is holding her fork like that," one relative says.  "She's trying to devour it all in one bite!"  Says another.   Go ahead and adore me, just keep the Thanksgiving feast coming!   "Ugh!  Who cares about some baby acting cute,"  Cousin Molly complains.  With an eye roll, I might add!  I dare say that someone's a little jealous.  "She's just a little fatty eating a lot of food."   Excuse me!?   Sure, sure.  The verbal wraths and "how dare you's" are spewing right and left.  But Molly's shield is obviously up.  Those scorns are being absolutely deflecte