Return of Cousin JimJim

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Agent West

It might be my birthday

But that doesn't mean I'll be nice.

I'll be especially diabolical today

And I might include some mice.

Cousin JimJim coming to play?

He better be wide awake.

I'm all prepared today.

Just wait until he sees the cake!

Oh, really!?

Seriously, Mommy!?

It’s my birthday, but am I playing in mud piles or being as diabolically abominable as can be with the Diabolical Drei?


I’m sitting here in an overalls and bow tie, apparently looking like a dashingly adorable young man. Did I mention that the bow tie has polka dots on it?

And the worst of the worst is that Cousin JimJim is going to visit.


I guess that isn’t quite as bad as I claimed. Because, this diabolical dude has made some special plans for Cousin JimJim today.

Ew, gross. He glares when my aunt sets him down. It’s stinky Cousin West.

I’m ready to call out a number of diabolical names, but the doorbell ringing stops me. Especially, when I see Agent Rose and her Mommy coming in.

I grab and yank and try to get that silly polka dotted bow tie off before Agent Rose catches me with it, but nothing is working. It certainly doesn’t help hearing Cousin JimJim snickering at my failed attempts.

Ooh, if I had a toot bomb… I’d throw him a curve ball…

Before I get too worked up, I remind myself of my little plan. That’s right, I knew Cousin JimJim was going to be making a visit. Of course!

“Who’s ready for some cake?” My mommy announces while bringing in a tray of her homemade dirt cake.

And, boy, it does look like dirt. Good job, Mommy. Here, let me help.

I crawl on over and point to the section that Cousin JimJim should get. Mommy scoops it out and plops the crumbled cake and chocolate pudding into a bowl. She slides it over to where Cousin JimJim is sitting.

“AAAAHHHHHH!” He suddenly screams.

There, in his dirt cake bowl is not one, not two, but three mice. They may only be little plastic toys, but they sure do look real. Real enough for Cousin JimJim to...


Whew! Now, that’s a toot!

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