A comfortable nap and a diabolical plan

 As Logged By:

Agent Chase

A comfortable nap

is best on Mommy's lap.

I'll be taking a long snooze

And dreaming of plans to choose.

If cabbage and beans can stink

Worse than scrambled eggs after a week

What might happen if we

Feed it to everyone?  Hehe!

Ahhh, this is the life.

I get away with diabolically tooting in Mommy’s face, then I get to nap on the best bed in the house.

Mommy’s lap.

Just place a pillow on her legs and lay me down for some comfy zz’s.

Do I care if Mommy is taking advantage of my napping to get work done on the computer? Of course not!

Not for now, at least. Besides...

I won’t tell Agent Rose. I won’t dare mention it to Agent West. Let them keep plotting and planning their next diabolical deed for the Diabolical Drei. After those diabolically horrific gas pains, I deserve this little break.

Mommy may look a little green in the face. She may be staring at her tea and wishing for a drink, but still be too sickened by my odorously abominable, horrifically detestable, digested cabbage and bean toots to even think of taking just a sip.


Those toots did reek like nothing my Stink Infested Dousing Gun 2000 could ever create.  That’ll show her to feed me something that causes so much gas pain again.

And yet…

The thought does give me an idea.

Could it work, though? I dare say it could.

It might cause such catastrophes as the world has never seen, though.  What if it changes the polarity of the Earth?  What if it alters the space time continuum?  It all could happen.  There's always that chance.

But, I must do it! I must put this plan in action.

Call up Agent Rose! Bring in Agent West! And possibly, quite possibly, I’ll need to find a way to call a temporary truce with my ever arch nemesis, The Puppy, too.

We have a party to plan for every baby on the block. Every parent must come and on the menu…

Cabbage and beans!


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