Pulling out Mommy's hair

 As Logged By:

Agent West

Mommy thinks it’s just a game

But her fake screams are kinda lame

Let’s get Mommy yelling loud

Something that will make Agent Chase proud

Pulling hair is so much fun

Especially when Mommy starts to run

Oh, look. Hair in my hand

Should I hide it in the sand?



Something terrible has happened!

Something diabolically tragic!


Something so unspeakably inconceivable that I'm still in total shock that it is even possible. 

I’m out of gas!

The idea was perfect. Agent Chase had laughed. Agent Rose giggled.

All I needed was one toot. One good whopper to surprise Mommy with just as she set me down in my sandbox. One that would leave a diabolical stink in her mouth.



But, no!

No, no, no! No gas!


Outdoor playtime always, always, always works to get my toots flowing. Why, oh why, don’t I have any gas?

What can I do now? Mommy is walking me out the backdoor. She’s heading down the patio’s stairs and straight for the sandbox.

“Ouch!” Mommy suddenly calls out with a giggle when I mistakenly grab some of her hair and yank in my frustration. “Oh, no, West! Don’t pull my hair.”

Why is she laughing so much?  Why is she smiling?  Is she kidding?  Does she like me pulling her hair?


Ohh, she thinks we’re playing.  Mommy actually believes that pulling her hair is a game.


Now there’s an idea.

I reach my hand up and curl my fingers around a few strands of hair.

Pull! “Ouch!”

Pull! “Ouch!”

YANK! “OW! Okay, West. That was a little too hard.”

I don’t think so. I’m going to keep pulling your hair!

Pull! “Ouch! No, West. Stop!”

Pull! “Ouch!”


Uh oh.

Eww, now I have some of Mommy’s hair stuck between my fingers.


I wonder if I could scare Cousin JimJim with this wad of hair.


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