An ode to nap time

 As Logged By:

Agent Rose

Agent Rose's Mom

The time has come to sing thine song

of whispering meadows and

angels dancing happily along.

Let thine eyes flutter fast asleep.

No need for Mommy to make a sound.

Escape not even a single peep.

Oh, how I relish the quiet nap time

with that first sigh of release

and, possibly, a glass of wine

Where I can sit back and rest mine limbs

for much longer than a second and my

mind can roam through many, many whims.

Ones of running madly through a field

or in a race where they throw dust paint,

Which will cover me like a shield.

Or of soaking in a bubble bath

One that lasts until my eyelids droop

As I bask in the moment I hath.

Fear not, my precious baby.

I’m still only in the other room.

A single baby’s cry away

But for these last few moments

I shall relish in the peace

of these quiet bestowments.



Oh well, dreams meant for another day

Another time, another place

I stand, I stretch, and I’m on my way.

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