Diabolically clogging the toilet

 As Logged By:

Agent Rose

It wasn’t originally the plan

But it certainly worked. Oh, man!

Being diabolical is sometimes quite easy

Especially when your tummy is feeling queasy.

Once I was able to eat again

I gobbled down enchiladas with cayenne,

refried beans, and lots of applesauce.

Ooh, I ate that sauce like it was the boss!




I can eat!

Ooh, that Agent Chase is lucky that Mommy has some applesauce on hand. A bowlful of that will calm any temper of mine as quick as flipping a dime out of your hand. 

“Waahhh!” Hurry it up, Mommy. This little baby is HUNGRY.

Mommy whips through the fridge. I watch with glee as she heats up the left overs from last night. Cheesy enchiladas, spiced with cayenne pepper. My poor, little tummy was wanting some so bad, but those cabbage and beans fumes were still making the thought of eating too difficult to stand.

Now, I’m going to gobble them all down.


Isn’t there something you can give me while I wait?


“Here you go, Rosie. Some applesauce for an appetizer.”

Applesauce! Yes, please! Give me some please, please, please.

One bowl, then two. A third should tie me over…

Nope, I’ll take a fourth. That should do until those enchiladas are pipping hot.


Food, food, glorious food.

Forget being diabolical for the moment. All I care about is finally satisfying this hunger.

Yum, yum…


Oh, my aching belly. Perhaps I went too far. Was it that fourth bowl of applesauce? Or the fifth one I sneaked when no one was looking. Maybe it was that third enchilada. Then, again, I did have a beautiful side of refried beans.



Get me there! Get me there now! I need to go to the potty, Mommy. This is a code brown that cannot be put on hold. I got a poopy that’s ready to come out. Now! Now! Now!


“Wow, Rosie. You really did have to go.”

I told you so.

Mommy tries to get me up, but I push her hand away. This baby isn’t finished yet. Didn’t you see all that I ate?


“Oh, my goodness,” Mommy quietly gasps once she lifts me off of the potty. “Rosie, you filled your potty all the way to the top.”

I did?

One peek and I can’t help but laugh. Good luck taking that to the toilet. This is an unexpectedly diabolical case that I can send in to the Diabolical Drei.

Mommy moves in super slow motion. One false step and there will be brown glops falling onto the floor. She tiptoes over to the toilet. She carefully empties my potty. She flushes and…

“Honey! The water isn’t going down!”

“Well, just flush it again,” Daddy calls out without an ounce of concern.

Mommy tries again, and again.

Now the water is rising it’s getting so close to the rim. Can I bear to look?

Of course, I can!

There it goes. Running over the toilet bowl and spilling all over the floor. Mommy is screaming, Daddy’s running.

Excuse me, everyone, but I must be off. I’m suddenly in the mood for more applesauce and an enchilada or two.


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