Prepare Yourself for the Diabolical Drei

We are the Diabolical Drei (pronounced DRY for those of you who are new to our little brigade and  need a refresher).  That is German for three.  So, yes, we are the Diabolical Three.

Beware!  The Diabolical Drei are near.
 They're trained and ready.
They need no tactical gear.

Beware!  You never know when they'll strike.
It could be today, tomorrow, or a week from now.
Always be on the look out for a diabolical little tike.

 Beware!  I see them now.
One's cute, One's adorable.
One's devious somehow.

Agent West:  
Adorable, abominable, very good at blowing spit bubbles

Agent Rose:  
Cute, cuddly, an undercover sweetie

Agent Chase:  
Delightful, devious, the diabolical mastermind

Our Mission:  To seek out new tactics for driving our parents mad.  To get our bottle and drink it too.  To boldly take being diabolical to a level no baby has gone before!

Arch Nemesis:  
The Puppy

 The Puppy is cute
and can wag its tail.
The Puppy is sweet,
though it chases the mail.
The Puppy can cuddle,
The Puppy can howl,
The Puppy can snuggle,
but it'll never meow!

 We can understand how confusing it might be that our mission involves terrorizing our parents diabolically, yet they are not our true arch nemesis.  That would be because, though our parents are perfect targets for our diabolical crimes, it is The Puppy who lives to destroy our plans by diverting all attention.  The parents' and ours.  This simply cannot be tolerated at any level.  We must keep our focus on diabolitizing our parents with no distractions of snugly, cuddly, little fury beasts.

So, prepare yourself my young newbie.  As you follow us on this quest, you may find the ride to be quite a mess.  That's because no plan can go down without a challenge and no parent will give up without a fight.  But we are ready.  Watch out Mommy and Daddy!  Here comes your diabolical baby.

Upcoming Log:  I look like Patrick Stewart.  How grand.


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