Pulling out Daddy's hair

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Agent Chase

It's such a terrible thing.

Daddy is already losing his hair,

But it's so funny when he sings

Like a great, big bear.

Pulling out Daddy's hair is fun.

It makes me giggle with glee.

I'll have a handful when I'm done

As long as Daddy doesn't drop me.

He really is going bald.

That shiny, hairless patch grows bigger every day.  Poor Daddy, at thirty-five you must be getting old.  Borderline ancient!


Daddy doesn't look so bad without hair.  Maybe I should do something to hurry his balding along.  Something most diabolical, too.  Something that would make Agent West and Agent Rose most proud of this delightfully devious baby.

Hair removal cream in the shampoo bottle?

Nah...  too overdone.

Automatic shaver that'll drop from the ceiling and shave Daddy's head while he sleeps?

No way!...  too risky.

What about a stink bomb powerful enough to singe his hair to stubble?  Would that even be possible?  Agent West claims it is after his stink bomb left his mommy with a few missing hairs.  And a few gray ones, too.  

No...  My bumbum isn't nearly as powerful as Agent West's.

What, then, to do?


Could I?

Oh, that would truly be diabolical.  It would be borderline mean.  I don't know...  it might even be too much for me!  Should I, shouldn't I, should I, shouldn't I?

Ha!  Am I the diabolical mastermind of the Diabolical Drei or not?  Of course I'm going to do it!
Without waiting, I crawl over to Daddy.  I bat my eyes real cute and I give him my heart melting smile to boot!
"There's my beautiful daughter," Daddy says before giving the top of my head a little rub.  "Where's your hair," he teases.  "You're balder than me."
Not for long, Daddy.
I give his hair a little pat.  How nice, Daddy is tilting his head toward me.  Making it easier to pat and grab.
One pat, two pat, three pat...
"WROOARR!"  Daddy suddenly sings and screams, almost dropping me.  He feels the tender, freshly bald spot on his head, then stares down at the large wad of hair in my hand.  
His hair, I might add.
Diabolical mission complete.  A total success!
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