Mission put on hold. I've caught a cold.

 As Logged By:

Agent Chase

My nose is all stuffy

It's a snotty mess.

I want to hold something puffy.

Where's my horsey, Mommy?  Confess!


Oh, my achy head!

Give me some soup

And send me to bed.

Of course, I might then poop.


Dash it all!
How could I catch a cold not two days before I was supposed to carry out an all infamous fart display?  Oh, it would have been brilliant with a fart bomb of a different stench going off in every room.  Mommy and Daddy would have been left gagging for sure!
Instead, I'm lying in my crib with a head that feels like it's stuck in a tightened vise and a nose that can't decide if it wants to run or stuff up.
All I want right now is to snuggle up with my horsey, Giddyup, but Mommy put him in the wash.  That was three days ago, though!  WHERE'S MY HORSEY!
Note to self:  Must have a mission to find Giddyup and, then, diabolically get back at Mommy.
"How about some chicken noodle soup, Sweetie?"  Mommy tiptoes up to the crib with her sneaky grin.
Not on your life, Mommy.  I know you've slipped some foul tasting medicine in there.
"I promise there is no medicine like last time.  It is just chicken noodle soup."
I doubt she is telling the truth, but a richly decadent smell sends my tummy rumbling.  Do I take a bite?  Do I fling a spoonful at her?  Do I take a bite AND fling a spoonful at her?
Ah, my diabolical mind never rests.  It is always searching for ways to scheme most diabolically.
So, what do I do?  Come on!  I may be a diabolical mastermind, but I'm sick off my heinie.  I'm eating every bit of that soup and slurping down every last noodle, too!
A fully belly is a glorious thing.  Come, nap time.  I'm ready to catch some zzz's.
"Sleep tight, Chase," Mommy kisses me on the forehead, then pauses.  She tilts her head.  Her nostrils flex.
Oh, now I smell it.  My stuffy nose was blocking the stench.  Come to think of it, my diaper now feels incredibly full.  Did I go poopy and not notice?
I sniff again.
Oh, yeah.  I totally did that!
Upcoming Log:  Night Punches


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