Night punches

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Agent Rose

Traveling can get tricky

When the family has a baby.

I don't consider myself picky,

But this crib is too shabby.


Where does baby sleep then?

Between Mommy and Daddy, of course.

The perfect spot for when

I throw a punch with full force.


I can't believe I fooled my parents into getting me out of that crib.  Yes, it was lumpy and bumpy, but I have slept through worse and not missed a second of my cutey sleep.
But how could I miss out on this golden opportunity?  After listening to Mommy and Daddy drone on and on in the long car ride, one thing became clear:  they have to have a sound sleep tonight.

Sooooo....  It would be most diabolical if this sweetie were to "accidentally" throw her arm out and punch them in the face, right?


And I'll do it all without making a sound.

I shimmy and scooch my cute kaboos over to Mommy.  She is sleeping most soundly, a touch of drool hanging from her lip.  So gross.  I take one more shimmy to get in position, then I ready my arm.  I pull it across my body and...  One, two, three.


"Ow!"  Mommy yells when my arm swings around to land my fist next to her drooly lip.  "Rosie, did you just hit me?  Honey," she calls to Daddy with a nudge.  "Rosie just hit me."

"Uh huh," Daddy mumbles between snores.  "That sounds good."

A roll of her eye and a pinch of her lips, Mommy seems a little ticked.  "Honey!"  She gives Daddy a harder nudge.  One that almost sends him toppling off of the bed.  


"Rose just hit me."

"Fine, fine."  His eyes are already closing again.  "I'll have her sleep on my end."

He pulls me closer to him and immediately starts back up with his snoring.  Now it's Daddy's turn to see how well this baby can hit.  All I need to do is wait long enough for Mommy to fall asleep.  She tries to keep her eyes open as long as possible.  She knows that behind this cutie's smile is a diabolical wiz.

Slowly her eyes droop.  Finally, they close.  Okey-dokey.  One, two three.



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