Time for a nap? We'll see about that!

 As Logged By:

Agent Chase

I may be tired.

My eyes starting to droop,

But I'm too wired

And ready for a big poop.

Mommy says she needs a break.

Daddy wants to lie down.

Do they really think they can make

This baby go to sleepy town?


Man, do I have to poop!
Mommy has laid me down, and a nap does sound nice, but this baby is not going to go to sleep that easily.  Especially, when I need to go to the bathroom this crazily.
Now, I know what you must be thinking.  If you have to go, then go and call out for someone to come and change your diaper.  That sounds well and good, but then I'd surely fall asleep.  This isn't just about a smelly poopy.  I'm a diabolical baby.  I must make this about driving my parents insane.
Sniffle, sniffle.  "Wah!  Wah!"
In comes Mommy.  "It's okay, Sweetie.  Just go to sleep."  She rocks me gently against her shoulder, which feels quite good.
I start to doze and the coast seems clear.  Mommy holds her breath and slowly lowers me down.
"Wah!"  I yell out my warning.
Mommy jumps to attention and slings me back over her shoulder.  "Ooh, Chase.  That smells awfully fresh," she says after I accidentally let out a little toot.  Of course, it smells fresh.  There's a big one coming.  
She checks my diaper and the coast is clear.  Just wait, Mommy.  The poopy is coming.
But I won't let it out quite yet.
Thinking she has won again, Mommy slowly lowers me down.  She takes such great care to keep me comfortable as she moves so quietly.  She pauses after setting me down, she freezes until I start to snore, she lifts her arms, she heads for the door.
"I thought it was nap time," Daddy comes in with half-closed eyes.  His groggy voice somehow managing to make Mommy even more irritable.
"She is having trouble falling asleep and I can't figure out why."
"Here," Daddy says and takes me in his arms.  "I bet I can get her to fall asleep."
Mommy squints when he puts me over his shoulder, she huffs when I close my eyes, then she realizes that this is her chance for a break and bolts without looking back at all.
"There, there," Daddy whispers once I start to snore.  "Let's lay you down, then we can all have a nap.  How about that?"
Daddy thinks he's fooled me so quickly.
I'm a diabolical baby!
"Wah!"  I wail the second he lays me down.
"Okay, okay."  He picks me back up and I get ready to scream again...
Whoops!  Looks like it's time for the grand finale.
"Chase, was that a poopy?"  Daddy asks, then immediately wrinkles his nose.  "Oh, man!  That smells.  Oh, that's fresh!!!"


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