Making Mommy lose her mind

 As Logged By:

Agent West

Mommy could have sworn

That she put it away.

This is why I was born.

To drive Mommy crazy.  Hurray!

She turns around

And there it sits

So neatly on the ground.

Not torn into little bits.

"There's my order form!"  Mommy exclaims, reaching down to grab the shiny piece of paper off of the floor.  "How did you even reach it?"

It was quite simple, Mommy.  I am ready to tell you how.  But, alas, you have not waited for me to explain.  You asked your question, then ignored me while you put the order form away.

Or did you...

"What the..."  Mommy gasps when she turns back around.  "Is that...  But I could have sworn..."

She looks at the order form sitting on the floor.  She blinks and blinks, but it is still there.  So, she goes to her desk drawer and what is in there?

"Huh," Mommy says when she doesn't find the order form in there, though she is swearing that she had put it away not five seconds ago.  "Well, I'm going crazy."  She accepts that with a shrug and picks the order form off of the floor.  As she puts it in the desk drawer, she adds, "probably from all the craziness I've had while taking care of you, Little Man."

Why, thank you!

Are my cheeks blushing?  Did Mommy just awaken a bashful side in this diabolical dude?  What a nice compliment.  I've made her life crazy.  I'm so proud right now.

Enough of that.  Now it's time to drive her crazy.

"Are you kidding me!!!"  Mommy wails when she turns back around.  Can you guess what she found?  Yep, that order form laying oh-so-nicely on the floor.

Mommy yanks up the piece of paper.  She grits her teeth and tears it apart.  Not once, not twice.  But over and over until that order form is nothing more than little pieces of confetti.  

Should I tell her that I've got a whole box of order forms hiding inside my box of toys?  Speaking of which...  Now that Mommy's back is turned again, it is time for me to get another order form out.  

Poor, old, half crazy Mommy.  Look at how paranoid she is as she checks the desk drawer only to find nothing in there.  Should I tell her that Agent Chase is hiding in the office and grabbing the forms when she puts them away?

"OH, NO!!!!!!!!!"



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