Spiders, spiders everywhere

 As Logged By:

Agent Rose

They're creepy.  They're crawly.

They have eight whole legs.

Should I love them like cousin Molly

Or fear them like Granny Megs?

Fear them?  Are you crazy?

I'm a Diabolical Drei baby!

I'm not going to be lazy

Agent West says, "squash 'em."  Maybe...

Okay!  What is it with autumn that the whole world becomes nothing but spiders!?

They're in the car.  They're in the air.  They're under the sink.  Ech!  They're in my hair! 

No, wait...

That one was a fake.  Well done, cousin Molly.  What a funny trick you played at Auntie P's Halloween party last night.  Guess who's been added to my target list...

At least, I didn't scream like Granny Megs when I pulled it out of my hair.

There goes one now, a real one, across the bathroom floor.  I crawl closer to inspect this species of creepy crawlies.  It scuttles about with its eight legs so well and who can't help but admire a bug that paralyzes its prey?
"Be careful, Rose," Mommy calls from the sink where she's brushing her teeth.  "Don't get too close to that spider."
Oh silly, silly Mommy.  Do you really think I'll listen to you?  Rule number... I don't know nor care anymore... specifically states:  No diabolical baby shall ever listen to a parent.
I follow the creepy crawly all the way to the corner.  But, oh shuckedy shucks, that eight legged mastermind crawls right under the bathroom door.  Not looking where I am going, can you guess what happened?
I bumped my head right on the door.
Now.  It's.  ON!
Perhaps Agent West is right.  Perhaps the best way to deal with a creepy crawly is to squish it and squash it.
That mean, little spider crawls back out from under the door.  It takes one look at me and thinks I have learned my lesson.  Oh, really?  I'm not going to be so easy to cave...
Splat goes the spider when I throw down my hand.  I wait a second, then I take a proud look at the squashed spider in my palm.
Eww.  That's gross. 
Mommy, come here.  I need something to wipe this on.

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