Mommy ate my chocolate

 As Logged By:

Agent Chase

Mommy dressed me like a bunny.

One with big, floppy ears.

Everyone thought it was funny.

A Halloween to remember for years.


I ignored my diabolical side

And put up with it for the night.

Then Mommy sneaked right inside

The pantry.  Yep, that's right.

I put up with it!  Why did I put up with it?
For three hours, I was a fuzzy-wuzzy, cutesy-wootsy bunny.  With ears so long that they kept flopping in my face and hitting my nose. 

So, why did I subject myself to such torture, such parental ridicule?

A)  At least, I was no longer dressed as Jean-Luc Picard.  That captain of the next generation.



I'd put up with anything:  Cheek pinches, silly photos, a hug from the Puppy.  Anything to get a pumpkin bucket of chocolate filled to the rim.

Then Mommy did a bad, bad thing.  Something this diabolical baby can't ignore.

Into the pantry, Mommy tiptoed when she thought I wasn't looking.  Not to sneak some of her own chocolate.  Oh, no.  For when she came out, my pumpkin bucket was missing a Hershey bar.  

Oh, Mommy.  Thou art a diabolical fiend.  But, alas, you're not quite as sneaky as you think.  Your hands are most definitely red.

Oh, look.  There goes Mommy now.  She looks left, she looks right.  She sneaks a peek at me and I quickly look down to feign playing with a bouncy ball.

One that jingles when you shake it!

Thinking the coast is all clear, Mommy rushes right in.  Crinkle, crinkle.  Rip, rip.  Yep, that would definitely be the snickers bar I set on top.


"Oh, my goodness!"  Mommy runs out of the pantry, waving her hand in front of her mouth.  "It's so hot!  Too Hot!!!!"

Is something wrong, Mommy?  Did someone sprinkle habanero powder on that snickers bar?



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