An adorable showdown

 As Logged By:

Agent Chase

And Featuring

The Puppy

Well, well, well Puppy

It looks like we meet again.

I will turn you into a guppy

As easily as Agent Rose with her pen.


Are you going to chase your tail

Or yip and yap with glee?

I'll get you like yesterday's mail.

Don't even think of hugging me.


"Yip!  Yip!"
Came the distinct sound that woke me this morning.  Was it a bird?  Was it a phone's ring?  Neither.  It was Mommy's friend coming to visit and bringing her puppy too.
This was no random puppy, though.
This was the same little, cutey wutey who chases his tail and yips with glee...
 The one that foiled my so awesomely awesome plan before.  The one that so deviously distracted everyone, including me, just by chasing his tail.  Well, two can play at this game.

It's time for a delightfully diabolical showdown, Puppy.  Just you and me.

The howl of a cold wind whooshes all around.  I stand on one side of the room and glare at the Puppy on the other end.  Tumbleweeds roll between us and a hawk flaps away from its rocky perch.

Okay, there are no tumbleweeds and there is no wind.  But that would totally be cool!

Oh, think of Mommy with that hawk!  I let myself temporarily forget all about the Puppy when I start to picture Mommy running crazy circles around the room while holding a broom high over her head, trying to get the hawk out of the house.  Haha!  That is funny and I laugh out loud the longer I think about it.

Stop it, Agent Chase!  You need to focus!  No imaginary tumbleweeds or crazy birds, no laughing hysterically, no patting the Puppy's head.  Wait...


I look over at my hand and refuse to believe what I see.  I can't possibly be patting the Puppy on the head.  When did he make his way over to me?

Ah, you sneaky beast.  You creeped your way over while I was distracted by my own diabolical thoughts of glee.

I must stay focused.  I must not waste this second chance.

But what to do?  How can I diabolically defeat a puppy so sneakily sweet that I can't help patting his head?

In an act so quick, the Puppy leaps forward, no doubt trying to end our battle once and for all to declare victory.  Down I plop to the ground.  My butt landing with a loud thud.

"WAH!!!"  I throw my head back and wail.  "WAH!  WAH!  WAH!"

Shh, my butt doesn't really hurt.  This is all part of a spur of the moment, diabolically amazing plan.


"Yip!  Yip!"  The Puppy jumps back.  My geniousness taking him totally off guard.
"Oh, no.  I'm sorry about that,"  Mommy's friend says while grabbing the Puppy in her hands.  "I'd better go and get this ornery, little fella home."

Aha, Puppy!  Take that!

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