I want my Olaf!

 As Logged By:

Agent West

His plush coat is squishy

And he's okay if my hugs aren't warm.

Sometimes they're a little pushy

Or as scary as a bee swarm.

What can I say?

I'm a diabolical dude.

I'm not of the warm and fuzzy way,

Unless a booboo changes my mood.

I've fallen and scraped my knee!

Look at me!  Just look at me.  Mr. Diabolical Dude is blubbering and crying and whining.  Oh, my knee hurts so bad!

"West, what happened?"  Mommy comes running for me.  "Did you slip on the rocks, baby boy?  Did you hurt your knee?"


Can't you see?!!  Now fix my knee.  It's starting to sting.

I know I'm diabolical.  I know I can be crazy.  But I'm still a baby.  Ow!  Ow, ow, ow, ow.

Mommy picks me up and carries me inside.  She sits me at the sink and gives my booboo a once over.
"Oh, no.  There's some rocks stuck," she explains with a sorry look at me.  "This is going to hurt, little man."  And she reaches for the cabinet to grab the antiseptic spray.

What?!  It's going to hurt more than it already does?

"AAAAAHHHHH!"  I scream at the top of my lungs when the antiseptic spray hits my skin.  By now, the tears are falling and there is only one thing that can get me to stop.

Get me my Olaf!

The plush toy is sitting next to the hampers, where I had been diabolically mixing whites with brights before we went outside.  Daddy's going to get dressed for work tomorrow and find his undershirt splashed with pink and yellow.  Hehehe...

But my Olaf doll is what I want right now.  I reach my arm out and Mommy only has to take one look.

"Oh, you need your Olaf doll." Mommy sprints to the hampers, not noticing my diabolical scheme, and races back.  "Here you go, little man.  Your Olaf doll will comfort you."

I squeeze my arms around his neck until I'm sure his eyes might pop out, but I don't care.  I'm ready, Mommy.  I have my Olaf and he will protect me.  He will get me through this.

I give my Olaf one more squeeze.

Okay, antiseptic spray.  Do your worst...

Upcoming Log:  An adorable showdown.


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