You want me to sleep where?

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Agent Rose

My room is cozy

And, oh, so warm.

Then someone a bit too nosy

Compared it to a dorm.

Auntie P is going to pay

Once I finally get some sleep.

Don't worry, I'll find a way

To make that nosy shrew weep.

"You can't possibly be letting her sleep in here," Auntie P declared the other day.  "There is a draft in this corner and look at how the sun shines in.  She'll never sleep a wink!"

Mommy and Daddy foolishly listened to that nosy, old goat of an aunt.  Now, I'm sleeping in a corner in their room.  Do you know what that means?

Daddy snores all night long and Mommy's constantly getting up to pee.  Never sleep a wink?  Good job, Auntie P.  Now I'm not.

It is wrecking havoc on my cutie sleep!

I was sleeping just fine in my cozy, little bed in my cozy, totally-isolated-from-my-parents room.

"GRRaaahhhhhh," Daddy snores out loud.  

 "Honey," Mommy whispers her yell and nudges Daddy with her fist.  "Be quiet or you'll wake little Rosie."

Too late, Mommy.  Way too late.

There's only one thing left to do.

"WAH!"  I cry and cry and cry some more.  "WAH.  WAH!  WAH!!!"

"Oh, no!"  Mommy springs off of the bed after nudging Daddy so hard that he falls onto the floor with a thump.  "I'm coming, Rosie.  It's okay.  It's okay."

No, it's not.  I want my room back.  I want my time away from you!

To make my point clear, I let out another wail, "WAH!"

"Is she uncomfortable?  Should we put her back in her room?"  Daddy mumbles and rubs at his eyes.


"I don't know," Mommy says, proving once again that she is truly the stubborn one.  "Auntie P was adamant about that room not being right for Rosie."

"What does she know?"  Daddy hobbles back into the bed and my eyebrow twitches.

Perhaps my need for cutie sleep is a trait passed down from father to daughter.  Perhaps I can break him first and, then, I'll get stubborn Mommy too.


"Not again," Mommy groans.

"She never cried this much when she slept in her room," Daddy moans.

Yes, yessss.  That's the right thought, Daddy.  But, just to be sure that you follow through:


Glorious room of mine, I'm coming back soon!  Don't worry, Auntie P.  This diabolical baby has not forgotten you.  Your payback will be next.  Agent West will give me a most diabolical inspiration at our next meeting and then...

You.  Will.  Pay.

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