Getting back at Auntie P

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Agent Rose

I've finally gotten my cutey sleep.

So, this diabolical baby is ready.

Auntie P, you mean, old bleepedy bleep

Now you must face my teddy.

I thought Agent West's gift

Was just a little bit odd

Until I squeezed and caught a whiff

Of what came out of teddy's bod.

He made it oh, so diabolically and all just for me.  That sweet Agent West.  If this works, I might have to give him a kiss.

Nah,  How gross would that be?

What is this gift, you might suspiciously ask.  Oh, it's nothing really.  Just a plain old teddy bear.  Hehehe.

Knock.  Knock.
I get in position as Mommy opens the door.  Nothing to see here.  I'm only a little, cute baby playing with her plain, old teddy bear.  Hehehe.

"There she is!"  Auntie P squeals and picks me up.  To the couch she carries me and sits me on her lap.  "Now, you stay right here and be good for Auntie P."

Sure thing, Auntie P.  I'll stay right here.  Now, you had better be good.

Do you think she listened?  I doubt she was even paying attention.

"I'm so glad that you took my advice and got her out of that room."

"Actually, Auntie P," Mommy pauses and chews on her lip when she starts to feel nervous.  "We moved Rosie back into her room."


"She's so much happier in there," Mommy tries to explain.

"I don't care," Auntie P screeches.  "That room isn't fit..."

A squeeze by me and...  THRRPPPT!  A green ball of gas poofs right out of my teddy's bum to waft into Auntie P's face.

"Ech, what is that smell?"  She waves her hand in front of her face.  Puckering her nose, she continues, "I told you not to have her sleep in there.  Do I need to spell out the reasons why?"

No, no, no Auntie P.  We'll have no more talk of that!

I give my teddy another squeeze.  This time right in front of her nose.


"Ech, it stinks so bad."  She waves her hand again.  "Now, you'll listen to me and do as I say.  Move her out of that room or..."

I squeeze and squeeze until teddy's bum is continual explosions of stinky green.  Right at Auntie P!  Take that!  And that!

"Oh, goodness gracious.  The stink is all over me.  Oh, it's so bad.  Ech!  It's in my mouth!"  She waves and waves her hand, but there is no getting my teddy's diabolical stink to go away.  "Ech, I must get out of here."

Mommy opens the door and hides her giggles.  Now Auntie P will think twice before making changes to my life.

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