Will Talk for Chocolate

As Logged By:

Agent Chase


Mommy's given me a taste

And now I want more.

I must make haste

Before she closes the door.


If only there was some way

To trick Mommy into giving me a bite.

I bet there's something I could say.

If I word it just right.


"Don't look at me like that," Mommy says, using her warning tone.

But I stare right back at her with my warning tone glare.  Three times I tried to sneak into the pantry for some chocolate.  Three times Mommy has caught me.

What can I do?  I must have another taste!

I tried making a plan.  A most diabolical one, but my mind has remained blank.

It must be the chocolate.

There goes Mommy, into the pantry again to sneak her own mouthful.  Out she comes with chipmunk cheeks full of chocolate.

I tighten my glare.

But then a plan appears!

Mommy must sense something as she tilts her chipmunk cheek head and squints at me.  Is it because my glare has turned into a confident smirk?  Perhaps she just knows when my diabolical side is about to strike. 

She starts to walk away, setting my deviously diabolical plan into action.


Mommy spins around.  "What was that, Chase?  Did you just talk?!"

But all I do is blink at her, making sure to keep my mouth shut.  Mommy squints and thinks, but gives up and turns away again.


"I know you talked that time!"  She jumps and picks me up.  "Are you trying to talk?  Can you say, 'Mama?'"

And now for the brilliance of my plan.  First, I just blink at her.

"Say, 'Mama.'  Please, Chase, please."

Without hesitation, I throw my arm out and reach for the pantry door.  Mommy looks and starts to dance in place.  It's clear that she understands:  Chocolate in exchange for this baby to speak.

"Oh, Chase.  I don't think I should."

I push my arm out further.  "Ma," I warn.

"Oh...  Oh...  Okay."  Mommy gives in and runs to the pantry to retrieve a chocolate chip for me.  "Now will you say, 'Mama?'"

I give Mommy a beaming smile and grasp the chocolate chip in my little hand.  Just before I pop it in my mouth, I say, "Mama!"

Mommy dances and squeals.  She runs back to the pantry to fetch me another.

Do I have Mommy trained?  You bet I do!

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