Breaking the Abominable Cell Phone

As Logged By:

Agent Chase

When Mommy and Daddy are stuck to their phone

And their eyes have started to glaze.

Don't even try to whine and moan.

Do something that will truly amaze!


If you want to have fun and play

Grabbing the phone will grab their attention.

 You can hide it for the rest of the day,

But I have another idea to mention.

I like to think of myself as a mildly-mannered, patient baby.  After all, I've been compared to Patrick Stewart and taken on the Puppy while keeping my poise.  But I say!  I'm still a baby that wants to play.  I don't want to wait, yet Mommy seems to think that I have all day!

"Baba!"  I call out.

"Hang on, Chase.  Mommy's checking something," she says with only a single glance away from her phone.  Back to the phone her attention goes and I am not okay with that.

"BABA!"  I give her my warning.

"One second, Baby."

That's it!  As the Diabolical Mastermind of this Baby Brigade, I make a motion of payback!  The Diabolical Drei shall use whatever manner necessary to get Mommy and Daddy and their little phone, too!

And I'm going to get started right now.

"Oh my goodness!  Chase, did you just stand up?"

Yes, I just stood up!  I stood up and now I'm coming for the phone!

I wobble on my two legs.  My balance loses control.  Down I plop to the ground.  My diaper helping to soften the blow.  Drat!  Oh well.  If I must crawl, then I'll crawl.

"Come here, Baby!  That's my little Chase!"  Mommy squeals as I crawl to her, never once suspecting what I have in store.  Never once assuming my devious plan.

Before she can react, I snatch the phone away.  I hold on tightly while I crawl to my trusty toy box of diabolicalness.

"Chase, where are you going?"  Mommy dares to ask.

"Baba ba.  Baba!  Baba!"  I give it straight to her.

At my toy box station, I hold the phone in one hand and grab a building block with the other.  Can you guess what I am going to do?  Yes!  Watch, dearest Mommy, as I clap the two together!

Clappety, Clap!  Clap, Clap!  Clap!  Clap!

"No, no, no, Sweetie.  Don't break Mommy's phone."

Oh Mommy, can't you see?  That is precisely the plan.  I am a diabolical baby, after all!

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