Training Mommy and Daddy With Poopy

As Logged By:

Agent Rose


It is gooey and sticky

And fills up my diaper,

Making my bottom feel icky.

I don't think it can smell any riper!


Now, how do I convince Mommy,

And Daddy too,

To let me go with a bare bummy? 

I know!  I'll train them with my poo!


While the boys have declared war on the phone, I'm on a different mission.  You see, I don't like a messy diaper.  I'm a clean freak, okay!  Always have been and always will be.

And I have an idea, a sweetly diabolical one.  If I can train Mommy and Daddy to let me sleep, why not take it a step further and train them on how to handle my poopy time?

It was a mission I started as a newly born baby.  At just a week old, I waited for a diaper change to let my poopy go.  You'd think Mommy and Daddy would be grateful.  You'd think they'd get the clue.  It wasn't easy holding that poopy in at one week old, you know!

Instead, they complained and turned up their nose.  I finally had to call it quits and put the plan on hold.  But being a member of the Diabolical Drei has renewed my vigor and enhanced my stubborn side.  

Today, I'll give it another try!

"Are you ready for no diaper time, Rose?"  Daddy coos.

Yes, I am ready.  I am more than ready, if you catch my drift.

Onto the waterproof pad he lays me to take my diaper off and give my sensitive bum a chance for fresh air.  Who knew that something to ward off the nasty diaper rash would give me a great opportunity to train Mommy and Daddy again?

He unsnaps my diaper and starts to take it off.  Before he can pull it away, I throw my arm out and give his fingers a smack.

"Ow, Little Rosey.  What was that for?"  Daddy begins to ask.

I don't have time to answer, though, I'm too busy giving him something to whiff.


Just as he was about to take my diaper away, I filled it with a nice, healthy poopy.  One to be proud of and I am!

There you go, Daddy.  Now you can take my diaper away.

"You had to go poop!"  He exclaims.  "Do you have anymore?"

I flash him a cute and cuddly, toothless smile for my answer.

"Okay," Daddy says as he hesitantly takes my filled diaper and poopy away.

Good job, Daddy.  You're catching on.  A few more sessions like this and I'll have him trained.  This diabolical sweetie knows exactly what she is doing, by the way.


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