A nip and a bite

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Agent Rose

Nursing is fun

And lulls me to sleep,

But the time has come

To make Mommy weep.

I smile real cute

Before I take a nip.

"Yow wee!"  Mommy will hoot.

Can I have another sip?

Ah, it is time to nurse again.  Nothing like a sip of warm milk right before my cutie sleep.  I can already feel my stomach plumping, the milk doing its work.  My eyes are drooping...


There's a Diabolical Drei meeting tonight and I haven't done anything diabolical all week.  I haven't squeezed my farting teddy in anyone's face or swapped hairspray with super glue.  There certainly won't be any time to be diabolical after my nap.  
And don't even think for a second that I am going to give up a wink of my cutie sleep!

But, what to do?

What to do?...

Mmm, this milk tastes good.

My eyes start drooping again and visions of stinky teddies are dancing in my head.
Just like that, an idea hits me.  Smoother than a sip of warm milk, the plan comes to me.  It's so deliciously easy.  So diabolically perfect.
"Are you smiling, Sweetie?"  Mommy coos in her softest whisper.
Yes, Mommy.  I am smiling.  Oh, so wickedly.  You aren't going to like why.  And here it comes.  One, two, three...
"Yow wee!"  Mommy yells after my teeth clomp right down on her.  She pulls me away from her chest as fast as she can.  "You bit me!"

Yes, I did.  
There's only one problem, I'm still hungry.

I up the cuteness to get another sip.  Look at my adorable pout.  Now give me that milk.

Mommy looks at her chest, then at me.  "I'm afraid you'll bite me again."

The thought makes me smile.  An oh, so diabolical grin.  I just may, Mommy.  Are you willing to risk it?

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