The Puppy strikes back

 As Logged By:

Agent Chase

He came ready to chase his tail

And fetch the curve ball that I threw,

But this diabolical baby won't fail.

I still have a trick or two.

If only his hair wasn't so fluffy

And my eyes feeling so heavy.

It must be the remnants of being stuffy

Making me dream of a 5-speed Chevy.

He's baaaaack...
After a night of tossing and turning with barely a wink of shut eye, who should I find chasing his tail on my floor... than... the... Puppy!!!

I set my glare at maximum and what does that puppy do?

Why, he just stands there looking as innocent as can be.  His tongue hanging out and his slobber dripping and flipping toward me.

Oh, you think you're so clever, Puppy.  I'm on to your act.  You're not going to fool me this time.  I won't be hypnotized by his yipping.  I won't get distracted by his fluffy hair.  No, no, no.  Today is the day that I set my diabolical plan into action.  Today, I shall get the Puppy at his own game of irresistible adorableness.

"Woof!"  He exclaims right back at me and went back to chasing his tail, seemingly without a care about me.  But I see those flicks of his eyes,  the slight tilt of his head and lifting of his ear.  He's watching me.  He's preparing for my next move.


I must approach this with care.  I can't give away any clues to my diabolical scheme.

Maybe a little pretend distraction might just prove enough to make the Puppy forget about me.

"Did you hear the Johnsons are remodeling that old car?"

"What?  I thought it was rusted through."

Ahh, a little boring gossip.  Sure thing, I can pretend that some dribble drabble about cars interests me.

I crawl to the kitchen door and plop down on the carpet, feigning interest in whatever Mommy and her friend have to say.  Something about a Chevy, something about a 5-speed.

"I don't understand why they don't..."

Ugh, this gossip is proving more boring that tasteless soup on burnt toast, but the sound of the Puppy sniffing his way toward me and a tail thumping nearby forces me to keep my act going.  No matter how boring their chit chat might be.

My eyes slowly close the longer I pretend to listen.  The Puppy fading in and out of my consciousness, when what do I suddenly see?  A beautiful 2021 Chevy Corvette.  A 5-speed, no less.  I'm shifting gears and speeding by.  Ooh, there's a 1969 Stingray version.  Another beautiful specimen.

"Oh, look.  They're snuggling."

Huh?  My eyes twitch but refuse to open just yet.  Who's snuggling?  What happened to my 5-speed?

My pillow rustles and my eyes open to a mass of fluffy hair.  Is that the Puppy snoring right next to me?

"Ah, are you enjoying snuggling with your little friend, Chase?"


Bested at my own game.  Drat!

Next time, Puppy.  Next time.

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