Will Be Sweet for Meat

As Logged By:

Agent West


I know I'm a diabolical dude

And I'm quite proud of that.

But I love Mommy's food.

It's a weakness I cannot combat!


Stew with a touch of meat?

I'll take it, please!

I'll even be extra sweet,

If you top my meat with some cheese.


Mommy stares me down, waiting for my next move.  She's expecting one to come, but I just sit there all wide eyed and sweet.

This abominably diabolical dude has chosen to be adorable for the day.

"What is your act, young man?"  Mommy lifts an eyebrow at me.  "I'm on to you.  I didn't become your mother yesterday."

Okay, okay.  So this is an act, of sorts.

I want some more of that blendered beef stew!  I do!  I do!  I do!

And I'll do whatever it takes to get it, too!

I'll even be good!

Throw in the peas and carrots, please.  Toss in the beef, then add a touch more.  Not too much onion, though.  There's a Diabolical Drei meeting tonight and Agent Rose will be there.  (NO!  I'm totally NOT falling for her!!!!!)

"What is it?"  Mommy leans down and stares at my face.  "What are you planning?  Are you waiting for the phone to slip out of my hand so you can smack me with it?  Are you waiting for nap time to toot stinkies in my face?"

But I just look to the fridge and I even puff out my lower lip.

Mommy follows me.  She smirks as soon as she sees the fridge.  "Oh, I get it.  You want to throw more food at me.  Well, not this time."  Mommy pats my head and starts to leave.

What's this?  I've been adorable.  I've been good.  Not once was I abominable.  I've earned my blendered beef stew!

I want it so bad...  I just might cry.

My lower lip trembles.  My eyes fill with tears.  Let the sniffles begin, I say! 

"West?  Are you crying?"  Mommy hesitantly comes back into the kitchen.  One look at me, though, and she knows it's true.  "Oh, Sweetie!  Those tears are real."

Mommy scoops me into her arms and races to the fridge.  She gives my back comforting taps while the microwave does its trick.

"Here, Little West.  Have some beef stew."

Ahhhhhhhh...  Good thing she didn't make me beg.

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