Climbing the Stairs

As Logged By:

Agent Chase


Where did Chase go?

She's not playing with the folder.

She's on the stairs.  Oh, no!

This baby is getting bolder.


Being diabolical is tough,

Especially when out of ideas

To make life on my parents rough.

So, I'll climb the stairs with tortillas. 


Bored.  Bored!  BORED!!

I'm sitting here, on the floor, with nothing to do but flip through my Diabolical Drei folder.  Agent Rose is planning something sneaky.  That's nice.  Agent West, though, has decided to turn good?

I know!

Oh, great.  Now I'm making references to Mommy's favorite television show.  It's Friends for those of you who didn't know.

I have to come up with a diabolical plot soon or next it will be my mind that I'll lose.  But, what to do?

To my left is the kitchen.  Mommy's sneaking into the pantry again.  Sheesh, Mommy loves her chocolate.  To the right is Daddy's office, where he's scrunching his face all day rather than play.

Ah, but what is this?  Straight ahead, I see the stairs.  They're tall and mighty.  The idea of climbing them gives me a scare.  Do I dare?


I peek over at Mommy and her chipmunk cheeked face.  I peek over at Daddy, just in case.  Nope, he's still in full concentration mode.

So, here I go!

I put down my Diabolical Drei folder and crawl away.  A slap on the table stops me cold.  Never mind, Mommy's just getting out ingredients for our tortilla dinner.


How diabolical would it be to sneak dinner away with me?  That bag of tortillas is just within reach.  It would give Mommy quite a scare to lose the bag of tortillas and me.

A quick side trip to grab the bag and off I go to tackle the stairs.  Tortillas in hand.

Oomph...  Ugh...  Grrrr...  Huh...

Okay, so pulling a full bag of tortillas up a set of stairs that I've never climbed before is a little more challenging than I originally thought.  Am I halfway there?  Most of the way?

No, I'm only on the second stair.

What if I hold the bag with my mouth?  That way both hands will be free for climbing.

Yes.  Yes!  I've cleared another step!  Using both hands is so much easier.  Watch how fast I can go.

"Chase!  No!"  Mommy grabs me and pulls me in close.  "Oh, you scared Mommy.  Oh, I can't stop shaking."

Mission accomplished?  Close enough.

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