Put my diaper on. I dare you!

As Logged By:

Agent West


I don't have a poopy waiting,

Ready to explode once my diaper's on.

Or maybe I'm lying and baiting

To let you think that you've won.


Will it be green

Or possibly brown?

It depends on what I've been eating

And how it went down.


"Go poopy, West.  I know you have to."

Yes, I do!  In fact, I've been waiting and holding my poopy in.  But sitting on the potty when I have to go poopy makes it difficult to hold it in much longer.  It'll all be worth it, though.

I promise.  Hahaha!

Mommy rubs her face.  She sighs a heavy sigh and you're about to know why.  This baby has been rebelling in a most diabolical way.

"I gave you stewed prunes with your squash.  I know that you have to be ready to explode."


I grit my toothless gums and try to hold it in a little longer.

Mommy sighs again.  "Okay, fine."

Off of the potty she lifts me to put a diaper back on.  Finally!  This mega poopy of mine was about to win and come on out to make Mommy happy.

Stop taking the time to wipe my bumbum, Mommy!  Just put that diaper on once and for all.

Slowly, so desperately slowly, Mommy snaps one side of the diaper.  Then the other.

"There you go, West.  Diaper is on..."



"No, West!  You didn't?"

Oh, yes I most certainly did.  I filled my diaper to the rim.  I crammed it full.  I let my poopy out to diabolically destroy you.

Mommy unsnaps one side of my diaper and then unsnaps the other.  She takes a peek inside and closes her eyes.

"You're a diabolical one.  You know that?"

Why, thank you!


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