What Mommy and Daddy do While I Nap

As Logged By:

Agent Chase


That's it.  Mommy and Daddy have cracked.

I've taken being diabolical too far

And I doubt there will be any taking it back.

They are acting most bizarre!


One is a mathematician. 

The other can build a house

Faster than a magician.

Now they act like Goofy and Minnie Mouse!


Being diabolical takes a lot out of a baby.  Nap times become essential if one wants to keep up the mastery of their diabolicalness.  But there always manages to be that one nap that just won't last.

I could roll over on my side, I could roll over on my belly.  I could put my butt in the air, I could strike another pose.  One that's real funny.  No matter what, though,  I just can't fall back asleep.

It was during one of these naps where I learned that Mommy and Daddy have truly snapped.

I heard giggling coming from the kitchen and I just had to investigate.  I may be diabolical, but I'm a curious baby too.

I tiptoe crawled as quietly as I could be.  To the kitchen I went and, when I peaked around the corner, what did I see? 

Did I see Mommy kissing Daddy?


Did I see Daddy holding Mommy in a lovey dovey way?


Did I see my parents planning their own mission of diabolicalness?

Not a chance!

So, what did this baby so horrifically see that has left her believing, without an ounce of a doubt, that Mommy and Daddy have snapped, cracked, and will soon pop?

Why, I saw Mommy and Daddy facing one another.  Both holding their own cereal bowl.

"Ready?"  Mommy asked in a whisper, to which Daddy nodded.  "One, two, three.  Go!"

Daddy immediately dunked his head into the cereal bowl.  When he lifted it, his tongue was sticking out.  A mass of Rice Krispies sticking to it.

Mommy counted each and every one.  "That's twenty-six minus the two that dropped."

Chewing his remaining Rice Krispies mass as quietly as he could, Daddy said, "Okay, it's your turn."

One, two, three.  Can you guess what Mommy did? 

Oh, yes!  She dunked her head.


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