Will Stand for Peanut Butter

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Agent Rose


  Peanut butter is gooey and sticky

And clings to my chin.

At first peanut butter felt real icky,

But one taste and I had to grin.


Daddy thinks it's out of my reach.

That silly, silly man.

I guess I'll have to teach

that this diabolical sweetie can stand!


We babies know a lot more than Mommies and Daddies think.  Our wants may be simple, but our thoughts are diabolically unique.  Of course we know how to sit and stand, though we enjoy being carried around.  And we also know that the longer we make Mommy and Daddy wait for us to sit, stand, and walk, the giddier they'll become.

The more at our mercy they will be!

A case in point happened just this week:

I have purposefully been holding off standing because Daddy has become rather antsy to have me start walking.  He still loves to carry me, but I've heard him on the phone.  I've heard him using my accomplishments as rights to brag.

And don't for a moment think that this sweetie is willing to jump through any hoops to boost Daddy's bragging ability.  I'm a sweetie, but a diabolical one.

Wait a minute!  What is this?!

I have found my Daddy sitting on the floor and what is in his hands?  A jar of peanut butter with a spoon to scoop.

My mouth starts to water, my heart skips a beat.  Of all the diabolical weaknesses in the world, why does mine have to be peanut butter?  Second only to tea.

"Oh no, Rosie," Daddy lifts the jar when I crawl over for a taste.  "The doctor said that you are only to have a little smear.  Just a taste."

Smear, schmear!

I remember that first smear.  I had giggled and grinned so much at the deliciousness of that peanut buttery taste that Mommy and Daddy couldn't stop and this baby became covered in it.  Ahh, that was a good day.

But when I reach out my hand, Daddy continues to pull it away.  Oh really, Daddy?

Well!  Two can play at this game!

"Honey," Mommy nudges Daddy with her foot.  "What's she doing?"

"I think she's trying to stand," Daddy only barely gasps.

I wobble.  I rock.  I steady myself.

"Oh my goodness!  She's standing!"  Mommy runs to grab the camera.

"I think she's wanting the peanut butter."  Daddy lifts it further out of my reach.

Now, pay attention!  For next up is the diabolical genius of this girl's plan.

I reach my hand out even further, daring to take a step as I do.  Daddy's head looks about to explode and Mommy continues snapping away.  But!  Oh, no!  This cute and innocent sweetie can't take a step and keep her balance. 

Down I plop on the ground only to immediately start "trying" again to stand.

"No, Rosie.  You can't have any peanut butter," Daddy protests when I reach again.

"Give her the peanut butter!"  Mommy declares with a warning kick.

And thus, this cuddly bunch of cuteness has proven that being a diabolical baby results in getting her peanut butter and eating it too.

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