Stirring a Poopy Potty

As Logged By:

Agent West


When something is stinky

I want to stir every last bit.

Shall I use only my pinky

Or dunk my whole hand into the mix?


Do I stir poopy for pleasure

Or to enhance my diabolical side?

My poopy does look like a treasure

Just waiting for me to see what's inside.


Well, that does it.  Mommy has bought me a potty.

"I can't stand the idea of cleaning one more poopy diaper," I heard Mommy confess one night.  I won't lie, hearing that made me smile with glee.

You see, I take great pride in making my poopy extra messy.  It takes diabolical skill to fall on the ground at just the right angle to get my poopy to splatter and smear everywhere in my diaper.  What a mess Mommy and Daddy have on their hands!  Oh, how I love acting so diabolically bad.

Never did I imagine, though, that she would stoop to buying me a potty.  Agent Rose may love hers, but I prefer making things messy, not keeping them neat.

Mommy places the potty on the floor next to me.

"Okay, Little Buddy.  Let's give this potty a try."

Excuse me?  I don't think so!  You can take off my diaper.  You can place me on the potty. And you can wait all you want, but I won't go poopy.  I won't!  I won't!!  I won't!!!

Oh, shoot...

I just did.

"Hurray!  That's a good boy, West.  You make Mommy proud!"

I may have made you proud, but what about Agent Chase and Agent Rose?  They won't call this being diabolical.  There must be something I can do.  Some way to redeem my diabolicallness to the full extent!

A smell catches my nose and makes me shiver.  Is that my poopy lingering in the air?  Did I cause that horrifically fresh smell of stink?

I crawl over while Mommy is distracted and take a peek at the poopy inside.


It's just a little mound of mush.  A blob of orange and brown.


It sorta looks like that food Mommy's been feeding me.  The stuff that comes in a jar and tastes of squash and pumpkin, I believe.  I wonder if this poopy would be just as much fun to play with.  I wonder if it tastes the same.

I crawl closer and dunk my hand into the potty.  Ooh!  The poopy squeezes between my fingers.  Making a squishing sound as it does.  And it's nice and warm, too!

Hehe!  This is fun!  And I start to stir it around.  Quite vigorously.

"NO!"  Mommy comes running, her face paling as she sees my hand in the potty and poopy all over it.

What?  You didn't want me to do that?


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