I Clap, You Clap

As Logged By:

Agent Chase


Look at how I clap so cutely.

You just have to clap as well.

Could it be that I am acting diabolically

And testing ways to get you under my spell?


Soon you'll be doing as I say

and I'll celebrate with a bottle or two.

It is only the beginning of May.

We'll see what I have you doing in June!


I can't believe how easy this has been.  Who knew that a little delightful entertainment could result in turning my parents into puppets?

I recently learned to clap and I am very proud of that.  The sound of my hands smacking together makes me laugh until I have to do it again.  But then I noticed that it also made my parents giggle with delight.  So, what did this diabolical baby do?

Nothing.  Nothing at all.

I sat and watched my parents, looking completely innocent as I did, and waited for them to start clapping.  Only then did I clap too.

Now I know what you are thinking.  Exactly who is the puppet here? Why am I imitating my parents?  Why am I letting them encourage me?  Just wait, my young apprentice.  Just listen and you will soon understand.

What I am doing, oh so diabolically, is setting the mood.  You see, they clapped and clapped and became so excited that their efforts were not wasted once I finally clapped as well that they clapped again.  They became so excited about my joy in clapping that they didn't notice when I made the switch on them.

Mere minutes is all it took, ladies and gents.  At the first pause in our clapping charade, I waited a few seconds before clapping my hands.  Just twice, real fast.  Now was the true test.  Now was my time to wait and see.  Was my work going to be a success or would it be back to the drawing board for me?

But, then it happened.  My dreams came true!  Mommy and Daddy both clapped, like I told them to. Another pause.  Another moment of quiet and then I clapped again.  Just like the last time, I waited for them with wide eyes full of hope and expectations that my parents soon obeyed my command and clapped as if I had trained them.

A week later, can you guess what happens when I clap?  It can be all of a sudden.  just out of the blue.  It can be during snack time or right when I wake up, too.  All I need to do is clap my hands and then Mommy and Daddy do the same.

This mission was a success, I'd say!


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