Distracted by the Untouchable Rainbow

As Logged By:

Agent Rose


They might sparkle and dance,

But these spectacles are quite diabolical.

 Want one in your hand?  You stand no chance!

They are not only diabolical.  They're maniacal!

Catching a rainbow is more difficult than it seems.

You think you have it in your grasp,

But one move and those little beams

Are back on the floor.  Gasp!


A day off is nice.  I love being diabolical, I do.  But everyone needs a day off and I use mine to continue my efforts at solving the all perplexing question:  How does one catch a rainbow?

I first discovered these little beams in a moment of embarrassment.  I had grabbed Daddy's keyboard and was pulling it along behind me most diabolically, when a sparkle on the ground distracted me.

There before me lay dozens of rainbows dancing on the floor.  I reached out to grab one and the little thing jumped from the floor to the top of my hand.

Good enough, I thought and started to pull my hand back only to have the stupid thing jump back to the ground in the exact same place it had been in before.  I tried again with the same result.  For a while I just stared at the little rainbow with all of its colorful cuteness. 

What falsities!  This spectacle of light was more diabolical than me!  Still, I tried once more and, once more, the rainbow teased me by jumping onto my hand then jumping back down to the ground.

Ohhhhhhh, it was on.  It was SO on! 

I grabbed and yanked and squealed and screamed until I flopped over on the floor to let out my enraged anger with the biggest fit I had ever thrown before.

Mommy came running.  Daddy came stumbling.

"What's wrong, Sweetie?"  Daddy asked as he picked me up from the ground.

I pointed down at the meanie head rainbow, which by now had made its way along the carpet and was slowly starting its way up the wall.  Not only had that dastardly thing outsmarted me, but now it wanted to flaunt that it could crawl up a wall!?

I started to scream again, shoving Daddy away so that I could go after that colorful spectacle.  No one outsmarts this diabolical little cutie! 

"How about a snack?"  Mommy offered just as I was about to flop down for another fit.

I was carried away to enjoy some avocado, sliced not mashed.  As I chewed at my delectable morsels of green, I thought and pondered.  I planned and schemed.  By the time I was done, I knew just what to do.

But the rainbow was gone when I returned!  So, you think you can run away?  Did someone finally realize that they stood no chance against a diabolical sweetie?

Same time tomorrow, little rainbow.  I'll be waiting with net and trap in hand.  


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