Throwing food? I'll give it a try!

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Agent Rose

Please! Don’t mention eating.

Not after Agent Chase’s stink infested beating.

Cabbage and beans! Were there no other ways?

The stink never ended for days and days!

My tummy is tumbling and swirling.

I fear anything I eat, I’ll end up hurling.

But, I do love being a sweetie that’s diabolical.

Especially, when I can do something so maniacal!



Agent Chase is going to get a stink bomb in the face!

Joining with the Puppy!? Of all the diabolical schemes. She should have known that teaming up with the Puppy would make her diabolical plans explode.

“Okay, Rosie. Time for some dinner.”


No way! My tummy is still too tender for any dinner.

“Come on, Sweetie. You need to eat or you’ll get grumpy.”

I stare at Daddy with the angriest of angry faces. Grumpy!? Does he have any idea what horrors I’ve been through?

Just thinking of it makes my tummy tumble some more. The stink of dog doodies all over town, each and every one reeking of cabbage and beans. 


Ohh...  The horror...

My fists are shaking just thinking about it. How many cookies did I puke up? How many servings of applesauce?

As my temper gets the better of me, I grab a handful of green beans and throw them at Daddy’s face.

Poing! Bop! Squish!

“Ugh, Rosie. You threw your food on me,” Daddy complains as he makes a face and goes for the paper towels.


Agent West supposedly enjoys throwing food. He certainly does brag about it a lot. I wonder if I would enjoy such a diabolical stunt.


These peas next to the green beans certainly would make a mess, but I believe the pizza slice has more potential to be diabolical. Almost maniacal!


I start with the layer of cheese. It peels right off in one go. I wait for Daddy to finish wiping off the green beans then… I THROW!


“Ugh! It’s stuck to my face. Quick, Honey, get it off of me before it falls onto the… Carpet.”

To late!


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