Breaking the Pen

As Logged By:

Agent Rose


The time has come

To knock the pen down.

To tear it apart and then some!

Especially now that I look like a clown.


Mommy thinks the dress is cute.

Daddy says that it's adorable.

I don't really give a hoot!

I look absolutely deplorable!


Thank goodness that Agent Chase and Agent West can't see me now!

"Oh, look how cute you are!"  Mommy squeals and spins me around.

"She's so adorable," Daddy chimes in.  "I can't wait for Gran to see her."

The two keep babbling on as Mommy sets me down in the pen.  YES!  It is still here!  I have yet to break this abominable contraption that keeps me stuck in the living room.

You might be wondering what Mommy and Daddy are talking about.  What, apart from my absolutely adorable face, has made me suddenly look so cute?

A white dress with multi-colored dots spread about.  

The very same as what a clown wears!  Oh, I wish it weren't so.  Mommy and Daddy have turned me into a clown.  And now plan to show Gran!

This must be stopped.  But, how to get out?

Forgetting my clown-like attire for the moment, I ponder the impossible ponder.  And I make my plan to fight the unbeatable foe:  The pen.

The question is how...

A plan starts to form in my head.  One that just might qualify as diabolical, but I must first see if it can work.

I crawl over to my stack of board books.  Grabbing one in my hand, I start to stand.  But the heavy book has me losing my balance and I grab the woven plastic of the pen before I fall.

Wait a minute...  What was that?

Did the pen actually lift up for a second?

Forget plan A.  Let's move on to a new plan.  An easier plan.  A plan so simple and maniacal that it towers way beyond the definition of diabolical!

I squat down and grab hold of the pen real low.  Okay, cute hinney, show Agent Rose what you're made of!

I grunt, I growl, I give it all that I got.


I have lifted the pen right off of the ground!

Where are the building blocks?  This baby is busting out!

Upcoming Log:  Diaper Change Jailbreak


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