How to Drink Tea Diabolically

As Logged By:

Agent Rose


It is deliciously warm and a delight to drink.

This tea tastes good and the cup I'll chew like a piece of meat.

Beware or it'll be gone before you can blink.

Just watch me drinking, that's the real treat!


This mug is enormous!

Don't let me drink it all before bed.

Still, I think I am gorgeous

When I tip myself back and it covers my head.

I must confess!  I'm only eight months old and I'm already addicted to tea!  How?  I'm supposed to be diabolical.  I'm supposed to wreak havoc.  My mission was to find something breakable and what better than a tea cup.  But... one sip and I was hooked.

It is delicious, it is stupendous!  I don't care if it is herbal or green.  But, there is a problem, a glitch in satisfying my addiction.

Miss I'm-watching-out-for-your-health Mommy will only allow me a sip or two at a time.  Do you know what a tease that is?  To have a drop of sweet clementine and then have the entire mug ripped away from me!

Not anymore, Mommy!  You can't keep your tea from me!  I have a plan.  A perfectly diabolical one.

I will admit, it is not entirely unique.  I'm taking my diabolical idea from Pooh Bear and his style for eating honey.

Here comes Mommy now.  Huge mug in hand.  I can smell the delectable scent of sweet clementine steaming up from the fresh brew.

I blink real sweetly and reach for the tea.

"Oh no, Sweetie," Mommy holds it out of my reach.  "It's too hot.  I wouldn't want to burn you."

I pull my arms down to wait patiently.  This all being the start of my diabolical plan.  Mommy slowly drinks the huge mug down.  All the while, I sit and stare at her as cute as this sweetie can be.

"Rose, stop it.  You're making me feel bad."

Yes, yes!  The guilt trip has started.  Now Mommy has no choice!  She must give some tea to me.

Up to Mommy's lap I go.  My hands grab the mug that seems as wide as me.  Being as careful as can be, Mommy lets me take a sip.  And another.  And another!

With only a few drops left, I cling to the mug as tightly as I can until Mommy has to let go.  Now, watch this diabolical sweetie in action.  Just watch what I have planned.

Back tips head and mug.  My face no longer visible.  It's hidden inside the mug.  Just like Pooh Bear with his honey pot, so too do I stick my face inside in an attempt to retrieve that last drop of tea.

"Honey, look!"  Mommy squeals with a nudge.  "She looks just like Winnie the Pooh!"

Good job, Mommy.  You're catching on.

When the tea is all gone and she tries to take the mug away, though, back my head tips again.  She has no choice.  I look too cute to take my mug away.  Besides, the tea might be nice, but chewing on the tea cup is the true delight.

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