Get me to the potty on time

 As Logged By:

Agent Rose

I've got a poopy

That wants to come out.

It might be soupy.

Everybody look out!

I enjoyed too many apricots.

Now I'm regretting it

Like when I ate sauerkraut.

Hello potty!  Here I sit.


Oh, the gurgles.  Oh, the gas!
Why did I eat so many dried apricots?  Oh why, why why?
They were so good.  So diabolically soft, chewy, and delicious.
Now I've gotta go.  And I mean GO!  This poopy has given its final notice.  Get to the potty or destroy the carpet with a poopy stain that will be remembered in infamy.
"Are you wanting to play with Daddy?"  Daddy asks as he reaches down.
Are you kidding me?  I have a poopy that can't wait for play.  I swat my Daddy's hand and I swat him again.  Move out of the way, mister.  This baby has a diabolical, poopy overload that's threatening.


"Peekaboo!"  My daddy calls after yanking me off the floor and giving me a toss.

My arms are flailing.  My legs are kicking.  Let go Daddy!  Let go, let go, let go!  Or so help me I'll...


A squeaker of a toot took both of us by surprise.  Daddy's smile drops, he stares at me with one of those looks in his eye.

What?  You think I'm doing this on purpose?  

Ooh, that would be quite a diabolical thing for this cutie to do.  Maybe the floor needs a touch of brown.  A soupy, poopy touch.  That would certainly bring a smile to Agent West and Agent Chase.

I giggle with diabolical glee.  I smile most devilishly.  
My smile gave my diabolical plan away.

Daddy makes a run for the potty.  His arms stretched as far as they can to keep me away from him, just in case.


Well done, Daddy.  You made it to the potty just in time.

"Oh, Rose.  What did you eat!?"

Upcoming Log:  It was Mommy


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